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Coming soon - online booking system

Please call 07780953143 as usual in the meantime

I have a new client management system, which I am getting to grips with (!!!).  There is a button below which links to my callender but I have not yet managed to include the irritating nuinaces of my life as a mother and the odd things that does to my clinic availability, so I am afraid not all the appontment times that show as available in fact are, so I have set up that you can request an appointment up to 72 hours before time, but I have to confirm it to ensure that it does not clash with any previously made appointments or my other scheduling.

When you book an appointment, you should automatically be sent a client record form to complete prior to our session, which cuts down admin time and opens up therapy time for you.  You will be sent a communication each year requesting you update the information so that we can keep accurate records of any and all changes.